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Through my work in school communications in the last two decades, I have yet to come across another communicator who is as passionate about CTE as I am. I've worked with multiple campuses across the country, run events for thousands of CTE students, secured dozens of employers for sponsorship and promotions, and am committed to elevating the experiences of MI ACTE's members, sponsors, vendors and community partners.

Driven by a purpose to share the benefits and opportunities provided through equitable Career and Technical Education.

Award-winning CTE communicator

MI ACTE Executive Director Qualifications

Membership management and customer service.
Large event planning and execution.
Event sponsorship and vendor relations.
Legislative affairs and constituent relations.
Professional development planning and promotion.
Senior leadership service and representation.
Internal and external constituent communications.
Bookkeeping, meeting management, member and email list maintenance and other administrative functions.

In addition to my 20+ years in school communications, PR and marketing, I have a Doctor of Education and spent a decade teaching in higher ed, often having to also serve as a curriculum designer.

I understand public education. I understand funding. I understand CTE.

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Promoting CTE

Branding, enrollment marketing, Community and business partnerships

Marketing CTE

Nationally-recognized advocate for career and technical education

CTE Thought Leadership

Securing speakers and sponsors, scheduling events, managing attendess, creating post-event Learning Spaces and WRAP-UP rEPORTS

CTE Events

A sampling of my recent CTE media placements:

Career and technical education

in the news

For two years, I served as the technical communications consultant for SEMCA's Manufacturing Day (Wayne County in 2021 and Wayne and Monroe Counties in 2021).

In addition to vetting and setting up all virtual platforms, I secured guest presenters such as Detroit Bikes and Shinola.

I also developed a post-event certification course for CTE students on a custom LMS which utilized the State of Michigan's careers in manufacturing resources. To date, almost 800 students and educators have registered for the program.

Combined, I handled final registrations for and communications with 9,425 students and dozens of employers and organizations.

Manufacturing Day

  • Business Education Division
  • Career Academy Section
  • CTE Scholars
  • Integrations of Academies, Career, and Tech Education
  • Post-Secondary Adult and Career Education
  • Trade and Industrial Education Division
  • Work-Based Learning Division
  • MI ACTE Chapter

I am a member of the following ACTE Chapters and Sections:

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