"Success in enrollment and co-op programs hinges on a deep commitment to student growth, a passion for fostering partnerships, and an unwavering dedication to educational excellence. Amanda’s innovative marketing around strategic enrollment, highlighting these tenets, enabled the William D. Ford Career-Technical center to increase our enrollment by 85% in just two years."

JaCinda Sumara
Executive Director of Technology and Innovation
Wayne-Westland Community Schools

“An effective planner, well-organized and appropriately assertive,  Amanda developed the university’s PR strategy and moved its marketing processes from chaotic to intentional, gaining a 15-20% improvement in brand recognition. She is bright, yet affable;  sophisticated, yet cordial.”

Thomas Sullivan
President (retired)
Cleary University 

"Dr. Holdsworth has an incredibly lively and contagious positive attitude that makes the impossible not only achievable, but enjoyable too.

  I don't think for a second that any compelling piece we published would have been possible without her heartwarming support and uplifting direction. Anyone would be lucky to work with a leader like Amanda. Expect many laughs, and for her leadership style to make you sincerely love the work you do!"


"I greatly appreciate this opportunity to recommend Dr. Amanda Holdsworth. A recommendation that fully encapsulates the depth of Amanda's knowledge, skill, and experience would be lengthy! Suffice it to say that she is a rare talent -- a wonderful blend of high intellect, energy, compassion, and business acumen. Her communication skills are absolutely top-notch, as evidenced by her ability to connect at a deep level with students and colleagues. I repeatedly observed Amanda's ability to seemingly work magic with students. It was, of course, not magic, but the result of hard work and pedagogical skill. Any organization to which Dr. Amanda Holdsworth belongs is a fortunate one indeed."

Dr. Dawn Markell
Director, Student Success Center
University of Michigan - Flint

"Dr. Holdsworth is a stand-out. She is dedicated and skilled, and this translates to consistently superior outcomes for her clients. I have had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Holdsworth on design and communications projects for clients in the public education sector who have little time or experience in building strong communications approaches. Her patience, intuition and commitment meant that even when principals were too busy to respond to inquiries, she was able to devise options that met their needs and timelines. Her expertise, experience and relational approach are unmatched."

Dr. Kristin Moody
Director of Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Morehouse College
(Formerly, Lead, Corcillum Co.)

She truly believes in the people she works with and has a desire to see them be successful wherever their journeys take them. 

"Dr. Holdsworth has served as a mentor to me in my career pursuits and was an invaluable source of ideas and feedback at several points in my career. 

Dr. Holdsworth sees the big picture and isn't afraid to help jumpstart projects or people when the situation calls for it."

Dan Durkin
Director of Community Relations

"Dr. Holdsworth's positive and enthusiastic attitude made her very likable and easy to work with. But the most noteworthy quality is her work ethic. It is truly phenomenal. With everything she is involved with both professionally and in her family life, I don't know how she has the energy to do everything she does. She was always bringing in guest speakers, going to conferences, speaking/ presenting at events, etc. Her drive and determination in everything she does is unrivaled."

Dr. Alex Gromak
Adjunct Professor
University of Michigan - Flint

"I have been utilzing and referring Amanda’s work for years. She is incredibly professional, knowledgable, connected, and always quick to help, respond, and activate. Most recently, Amanda answered the call (literally and figuratively) as my intern program needed to pivot drastically due to COVID-19. Amanda was there to help strategize a game plan, create significant buzz within her media contacts, and secured two critical television interviews and a newspaper article in a matter of days. Her fast response, incredible contacts, and her ability to turn things around quickly and effectively are among the many reasons why I love working with Amanda."

Kerry Doman, Founder and CEO
Virtual Intern Experience


To leave an organization in a better situation than when I started. Whether in an interim role, as a consultant, or in a full-time position, I work hard, drive results, and build lasting relationships. 

"Amanda is very eloquent - the things she says and writes are always well put together. Her confidence is inspiring; there's almost an aura about it. She is also incredibly creative and able to think outside of the box."

"Thanks to you for the great cooperation and all your help. It's always nice to work with a real pro!"

"I appreciate how you are willing to help out other PR pros. Not everyone in this profession is so altruistic." 

"Thank you for really listening. That was reflected in the writing."

"Amanda is one of the few people I know who have a purpose to EVERYTHING she does and never seems to just go through the motions."

"Amanda is an excellent listener and effective communicator. She shows a quality of caring that few others exhibit. She is the hardest worker I know, and she is willing to share her ideas and thoughts with others. She knows that by sharing her experiences, it enables others to move forward."

"You bring out the best in people."

"Have we reminded you how awesome you are lately?"

"We love your enthusiasm and are so excited to work with you!"

"You have been such a joy to work with. You have the ability to bring calmness to a space and that is truly a gift."

"We found Amanda to be professional, timely, knowledgeable and thorough. Our governance board was impressed with the work and the recommendations."